Monday, March 1, 2010

With the closing of this winters Olympics, I have been filled with awe beyond words. I still cannot believe that my few small steps that I am taking today will be totaled into such a huge effort to reach a goal in 2014.
As I pulled myself together for my workout yesterday, I was in a place of pity. Looking at how far I am from being any where near a place of calling myself an athlete. How old I am. How crazy all this sounds. But I picked myself up and started that workout, and an hour and a half into it I was able to see and feel the difference I have already made since I committed myself to the goal. And I was able to have my first little cheer for myself.
One step at a time... What am I doing today that will help impact my dream tomorrow? Not one day is to go by without me realizing that my steps today will help or hinder tomorrows outcome.

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  1. Go Jacki, I will be following you and praying for you...the dream is in the journey!