Friday, March 12, 2010

Food time

One week of Rollerblading Done, about 70 miles. I finally found the stride that would be used on ice. I can't be 100% sure, but with a lot of prayer it is. One good thing with having such a strong figure skating background and thousands of hours spent working on form and edges. I have a great eye for picking up technique of others and transferring it to me. This technique isn't easy to come by and I have a long way to go before I can say I have it for good. But I do know it's a start. I love starts!
So the hardest part for me is to change my food. Danger! Danger! My issues with food goes way back and I have a long list. So making them a thought in my daily living is a walking on egg shells in the middle of a blazing fire issue.
With that said I started 3 days ago keeping track of my food intake with a tiny change to some of my eating. I started changing my foods about 6 weeks ago, and I have really been gritting my teeth a little. Only a few tiny set backs with a little over eating, but nothing really out of control. So I am looking at this as a victory in this walk so far. This web site I found (my husband, Michael found) is called and it is free for the beginning uses of the program. I am using that beginning program,and it's really great. It tracks your fat, protein, carb intake and lays it all out in a neat little colorful graph. So much cool stuff on this web site I am sure I'll learn more about it and me as I go along. Already I am seeing just how unbalanced my food really is. This will help me slowly make the changes I need to make to get the eating part of this journey a power force for me. Really, how good can I get if I am not fueling the tank with 100% energy and repair product.
Today is a day of rest for me. Well I don't call 5 loads of laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning the house rest. But after the 70miles of skating and other workouts I put in this week. it looks like rest!

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