Monday, March 15, 2010

First day on ice!!!


I had a great time tonight skating in "borrowed skates". Learned some amazing techniques and was so happy to find out that all the work I have been doing off ice on inline skates and the slide board have been correct. Now I have some more to add to the practices. So happy I don't have to spend time correcting the stuff I have started to do.

But the topper to this night on the ice was the fact that my family was there to skate with me too. We all had some exciting personal bests trying to speed skate. My Husband Michael went out with no edges and was ready to quit right away.So I took out my stone and swipe swipe he had an edge and he didn't come off again. He even got better as the session went on, still looked like a hockey player, but gotta love his heart. Sara my oldest child got the worst skates known to man. They were Bad! She went out on the ice sliding every way possible except forward, out came the stone again and yup she could stand. She started off with some memorable falls and went to a practice group and came back a new skater!!! Last was my youngest son Thomas (my middle son Zak is away at college) well he was all about the speed and trying to beet everyone on the ice. So cute! He was not bad I was very impressed. Now to slow him down and see if a thing called form will appear. After the session was over and he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved it and wanted to go again, the question was asked "what do you want a new guitar or speed skates"? Well... vanHallen... you better watch out he is comin after you!

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