Saturday, February 5, 2011


So now I feel like I am starting all over.
My skating has gone down hill.
My times are bad.
I don't feel like I can pick up my feet when I skate.
The question is...Do I still love it? YES!
So try again, even if it means starting over I'll do it again and again.

I have to still get the skates/blades I am to settle into.
To really feel how they work.
I had to return the boots I was using. Now I have a temp pair I will use for inline training.
I got them very tight, because they will stretch out. The question is will they stretch out in time for me to skate long track at the end of this month? I am expecting a lot from me and my equipment when I don't get much time on them. I will be putting them on for the first time this weekend at a race. ( That seems to be when and where I get to do any of my Long track skating)
Kind of makes me wonder how much better I would be getting if I could skate on that ice everyday or 3 times a week for now.
I still only get 2 days a week short track ice and that is it!! That will all change soon enough, because I feel like I am ready to put the "real" time into it. In the beginning I was training to get into training shape. Well I feel like I could do it now....
That is before I got this back injury and now strep throat on top of the injury. GRRRRR!

So the blades I got are a entire inch longer than what I was skating on and they are a taller blade.
I will be testing out the length of them this weekend and if I like them I will get my own pair in Canada at the end of this month. If I don't like the length, will get a half inch shorter blade to try out at that event.
One day at a time! One day at a time!

I was telling my son the other day the coach we have at our short track practice (is great!) only really helps you if he see's you putting your all into it (very fair, I think) well the point is he hasn't called out my name in two weeks....not good. I watched my little son work his butt off at the last practice, I mean real work. when he got off the ice his face was purple and his eyes were red. I went over to him and said well done lil man, I am very proud of you! He looked up at me and said, Mom, I have never worked so hard in my life! I worked so hard I cried while I was pushing through the pain. I can't believe I did it!
I sat and looked at him and realized he was teaching me a lesson.. That every time no matter if it's a good skate or a bad skate, just push it to your fullest and you'll be able to say I DID IT!!
That's the biggest victory ever!
As I do whatever workout I can do now, I will do it to my fullest, and I won't quit! I might need a push here and again. But I will see my little boy's purple face in front of me saying I DID IT!!!

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