Monday, March 14, 2011

1 Year

It's been a year on the ice with short track skating. I got to be on the ice a total of 21 times for Long Track. And I am pretty happy with the beginnings. My goal was to get technically a little better every time I stepped on the ice and to get stronger off ice so that this next year I could really train hard. I achieved that goal.
Not to be called a rookie anymore. Bill is a man that speed skates at Flushing Meadow Speed Skating Club, ran around calling me instant speed skater,( like instant rice ) wanted to know what isle in the grocery store he could buy it. Bill said to me the other day, that title isn't yours anymore Jacki, but you held it for a long time!
So in other words, move on to the next level.

I was told that in a Speed Skating grid I would be a little more than half way up the chart. But to get to that next level is a lot of work and very few make it.
The really cool thing that has happened around my family is that everyone is excited about this sport and everyone is encouraging and supportive.
Now that's one of those "priceless" things that happen!

I am excited about the work. The technique stuff has been killing me this year. So being able to apply what I have learned to some strong power workouts is just making me happy.

After I came home from Canada (Master Worlds) I have been truly able to see some hope in this adventure. I went to Canada with a little bit of a down heart I had an injury that was preventing me from applying all my strength into the skating and I was favoring my right side a bunch. I didn't do much skating for 3 weeks before we went. And I was hurting because it was coasting so much, and my family has not been able to see me skate Long Track yet. And I have been fighting off feelings from a place so long forgotten, or should I say shoved in a closet!

Now I need to also go back to the 20yr old that quit skating so long ago give her a hug and start moving my skating into a new level.
That 20yr old was filled with so much guilt over taking time away from my family.
Taking so much money away from my family.
Taking my mom away from my sister and brother.
Taking all the attention of the family.
All family focus was on everything I was doing, saying, feeling, eating and planing on doing.
If I had a bad day skating, the family had a bad day.
If it was a good day skating or competing, the family celebrated, and all was good.
And of course we had lots of walking on egg days because they were days of just training.
The inbetween days to prepare for the upcoming season. The day's when they would all look at me and say, what do you think Jacki? How do you feel your doing? Like I KNEW WHAT WAS NEXT?!

One thing I have learned is this...I don't want to be mean to myself any more. I want to be nice and do whats good for me. I want to learn to feed myself with good fun things that help me become the best I was created to be. I want to be able to dare, desire and achieve dreams. I want to create a new me. One that lives and breaths and eats greatness. So I can become what I really see myself as.. And that is a World Class Champion Skater. Ageless and Limitless, with no chains holding me down!

I've held on to this post afraid to hit the send button for 3 months. So here goes!!!

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