Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Survived

So cool to say I survived! I didn't feel 46 at all. I just felt like a out of shape athlete. The technique for speed skating is so precise I am in awe of the mechanics to create a perfect stride. Not one time did I push with any kind of speed but I spent the entire time on the ice skating at a snail pace feeling every pressure point that all the instructors had me feeling.
I didn't care what group they placed me in or who I skated with all I wanted to do was be a sponge and absorb every once of info I could. Did I walk away with more knowledge then I walked in with? Yes, I absolutely did! Now I need to find the time to give hundreds of hours to practice this stuff. I learned some amazing off ice drills too.
The one thing that was a real amazing thing to me was when it was over I didn't feel old. I know so far everyone that's heard me say what my goal is, have looked at me and my age. But when I stepped on that ice I forgot my age. When the weekend was over I had to stop and think and I didn't feel any different training now as I did when I was 20. The only difference was I am not in shape. And that is being corrected as I write this.
It's safe to say that I took a leap of faith and found HOPE!

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