Friday, February 12, 2010

New Begnings

So here is my crazy adventure I am putting myself on:

I was a figure skater a long time ago in another life. Skated for the United States Internationally and Nationally 7 years. I developed a horrific eating disorder taking 30 to 60 laxatives 3x a week and I vomited daily. So I quit skating to try to save my life. It took me 14 years to stop the insanity. Now I am sober 14 years!!!!

In December 2009 my daughter Sara ask me this question... if I was to die today would I die happy and feel like I had fulfilled my goals???? My answer was a flat NO. I feel like I have done all I could do as far as my family but I hadn't fulfilled my dream of making the Olympic team I gave up before I finished. Then Sara said well why don't you go for it? You would think my reaction would be.. umm noo.. but something went click click in my head and I was off on my planing for my next adventure.

So here I am starting again......

After discussing and praying with my family and old friends that know me well they all said I should train for Long track speed skating. I am fast and always have been. My strides are long and its perfect for speed. Training is mental now. Just starting at the very beginning and putting one foot in front of the other (and of coarse the one step back).. I have many things working for me and against me. My age for one. It will be a help for my knowledge and stamina but also a hindrance for my body needs to keep up. For the past month I have done small amounts of cardio, working on technique and some stretching. I know it doesn't sound like much but it is a Beginning! I am feeling stronger everyday. The thing I was most scared of was my eating and the way my body was going to react to this training and change of diet. So I am taking this slow as well and so far even my body isn't freaking out.

I keep saying to myself slow and steady is GOOD!

Well that's my story. I will be posting my adventures I would love all the support and prayers I can get. I know this sounds crazy but I am going for it and would love you to join with me!

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  1. Jacki, you have all of my support and continual prayers! I believe in you!